Recordamos a nuestros clientes: Nuestros almacenes centrales permanecerán cerrados desde el 23 de diciembre hasta el 2 de enero. Disculpen las molestias ocasionadas.

About Us

Black Center S.L. is a services company created in the year 2000 from the BLACK + DECKER subsidiary in Madrid taking advantage of BLACK + DECKER product knowledge, employee training and an extensive experience in customer service. Black Center S.L. started out as an independent entity, but has always counted on the support of BLACK + DECKER. They work together investing and developing the very highest level of service.

Black Center S.L specializes in tool repairs and the distribution of original spare parts. Today we are the biggest spare parts repairer and distributor for DEWALT Y BLACK + DECKER in Spain. Our policy is to give the highest level of service in repair timings (5 working days for professional products-DEWALT Y MILWAUKEE) as well in the distribution of BLACK + DECKER, DEWALT, MILWAUKEE Y AEG spare parts (48-72h.).

Our customer service and shop hours: Monday to Friday from 09:00h to 18:00h.

AddressLAGUNA DEL MARQUESADO, 24 NAVE-B Madrid 28021 Madrid