Shipping costs

A shipping charge will apply depending on the selected delivery area. However, Black Center S.L. RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REQUEST AN ADDITIONAL QUANTITY for specially heavy or bulky orders. If this happens and the customer is not interested in formalizing the order with the indicated shipping costs, the amount paid will be refunded and the order will be canceled. Black Center S.L. Any other commitment or obligation with the client will be exempt.

Below is a table with the shipping costs per delivery area, as well as the maximum weights and volumes to be sent for these amounts:

Delivery areaShipping costsMaximum weight (kg)Max volume (Liters)
Peninsular España9,00 €10 kg30 Liters
Baleares - Palma de Mallorca15,00 €10 kg30 Liters
Baleares - Rest of Islands20,00 €10 kg30 Liters
Peninsular Portugal18,00 €10 kg30 Liters