Purchase Conditions

01 March 2011


This website, as well as all the services it offers, is owned by the following company:
Name of the Company:  Black Center S.L.
VAT number: B82802158
Address: C/ Laguna del Marquesado, 24-B - 28021 Madrid.
Telephone: 915.602.577 Fax: 915.606.700
Register:Registro Mercantil de Madrid, tomo 15.868, Libro 0, folio 53, sección 8ª, hoja M-268009, inscripción 1ª.

General Instructions

For all purposes, orders placed in this shop are purchases made to Black Center S.L. Our customer service phone hours are 09:00 to 19:00 on working days established by the Calendar of the municipality of Madrid.

Unless otherwise specified in writing, any purchase to Black Center S.L. implies the customer’s agreement to these terms and conditions. No provision made by the customer may differ from those of Black Centre S.L. unless it has been previously agreed in writing by Black Center S.L.

A Purchase is not final until it is accepted by Black Center S.L. Black Center S.L. reserves the right to approve or cancel any purchase order and can refund the amount paid by the customer and be exempt of any other obligations.

Method of Payment

All products and services will be paid in advance by credit card, bank transfer, or deposit on a bank account or by cash-in-delivery.

In order to make a payment by debit or credit card, it is necessary to use a card that has been ISSUED IN SPAIN and that has an activated secure payment system such as "SecureCode" o "Verified by VISA". If you have any questions about how to activate the secure payment system in your debit or credit card please contact your bank.

If you are having problems to finalize a payment with a credit or debit card and you would like to change the method of payment for your purchase order, please contact our customer service by email.


Black Center S.L. will not ship any products until the financial department in Black Center S.L. has checked that the payment has been made.

Delivery will be completed when the transport agency has delivered the products to the customer and the proof of delivery document has been signed. It is the responsibility of the customer to check the products when delivered and specify any justified claims on the delivery document.

Black Center S.L. will ship the products by the means it sees fit in order to fulfill its commitments.

Shipment Fees

Shipment fees will vary depending on the selected delivery area. However, Black Center S.L. RESERVES THE RIGHT TO ASK FOR AN ADDITIONAL AMOUNT for orders that are oversized or particularly heavy. In this case, if the customer does not agree with the shipment fee indicated, we will refund the amount paid and the purchase order will be cancelled. Black Center S.L. will be exempt or any other commitment or obligation towards the customer.

Delivery time

Generally speaking, a purchase order is shipped (leaves our offices towards destination) the following working day for orders whose proof of payment has been sent before 12:00 am. If the proof of payment is sent after this time, the order will be shipped after two working days. The delivery in destination will depend on the delivery area. In mainland Spain, the order will arrive the following working day from shipment. Shipments to Balearic Islands could take 2 or 3 more days. For the rest of Europe, delivery time is approximately 1 week. However, these times are estimated and may vary for reasons outside the company’s control. Black Center S.L. does not commit to any delivery time since the shipment process depends on third parties. For those orders to “pick up in the shop”, we advise you to wait for the message that will be sent to the mobile number registered in the customer’s file before collection.

Out of stock

On our website, we only sell products that are on stock either in our own warehouse or any other entity, manufacturer or wholesaler. This allows us to deliver the product in the timeframe indicated for delivery however web synchronization with our warehouse is not instant. Furthermore, from the time in which a customer registers a purchase order in the website, to the time in which we receive and process the proof of payment, we could run out of a product. This is why we could have isolated cases in which we can not serve a product because it is out of stock.

If a product happens to be out of stock, Black Center S.L. will inform the customer, cancel the order and return the payment immediately with a bank transfer.

In these cases, we will always refund the customer and the order will be cancelled. IT WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE TO MAINTAIN THE PRICE OF AN OUT OF STOCK PRODUCT AND THEN SHIP IT WHEN ON STOCK since the price of the product may vary depending on our purchase price.

Product returns

Customers can return a product within 7 working days after delivery, if they meet the following conditions:

Return conditions for individual customers

Individual customers, according to the right of withdrawal outlined on article 18 contemplated in Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16 November, will have 7 working days from the reception of a delivery to notify their right of withdrawal for one o several products in their order.

To exercise this right, the customer must send an email indicating his order number, the reference and the serial number of the products he wishes to return, and follow the instructions given by our customer service.

Exceptions to the right of withdrawal.

This right will not apply to the following articles:

  • Goods whose price is subject to fluctuations of the financial market which are beyond the seller’s control.
  • Goods manufactured under the specifications of the consumer or clearly customized, or that by their nature can not be returned, or can rapidly deteriorate or expire.
  • Sealed sound or video recordings, from disks or computer software that have been unsealed by the consumer, as well as computer files, sent electronically that can be downloaded or reproduced for immediate use.
  • Daily press, periodic publications and magazines.

All merchandise will have to be returned in perfect conditions, with no modifications made by the customer, in its original packaging and well protected so it is not received with seals and adhesive tapes from the transport company.

All returned goods must be delivered within 7 days after the return acceptance date. Otherwise it will be denied and returned to the customer. Shipment fees originated by the return will be paid by the customer.

Once the perfect condition of the product has been checked, we will refund the amount paid within 30 days. We do not refund shipment costs.

Return conditions for businesses

Businesses will only be able to return a product if it is unsealed, with its original packaging in perfect condition and all its accessories, just as they have received it. We do not accept returns from used or tested products.

The customer will return the product at its own expense to our offices in Madrid, and once the perfect conditions of the product has been checked, we will make a refund within 30 days. We do not refund shipment fees.


Guarantee conditions for individual customers

The General Law for the protection of Consumers and Users establishes a minimum period of two years guarantee, independently from the guarantee offered by the product manufacturer. The customer can contact the seller or the manufacturer during this two year period. The consumer and the user are entitled to the repair, replacement, lower price of the product or the cancellation of the agreement.

The customer must comply with the terms and conditions specified by the manufacturer’s guarantees of products purchased trough Black Center S.L. The guarantee is only valid if the product is used under  the normal wear and tear specified by the manufacturer. Black Center S.L. is not obliged to compensate the user or a third party for any consequences of using the product, whether they are direct or indirect damages, peoples’ accidents, damages to goods other than the product, loss of benefits, damages caused by deterioration or data loss.

If the product defect is detected during the first 6 months from the date of delivery, it is presumed that the anomaly already existed when the product was purchased and the consumer has nothing to prove. However, if the claim is placed after this 6 month period and if there is any doubt, the manufacturer of the seller can ask for an independent expert’s report in order to carry out the guarantee. On obvious cases of malfunctioning or faulty operation during the period of guarantee there is no problem whatsoever.

Guarantee conditions for businesses

Product guarantees are established by the manufacturers and they are responsible for any faults or defects of the supplied products, as well as for the possible consequences that may arise from them. The customer must comply with the terms and conditions specified by the manufacturers guarantees of any product bought through Black Center S.L. The guarantee is only valid when the product is used under the normal wear and tear specified by the manufacturer. Black Center S.L. is not obliged to compensate the user o a third party for any consequences of using the product, whether they are direct or indirect damages, peoples’ accidents, damages to goods other than the product, loss of benefits, damages caused by deterioration or data loss.

In no event shall Black Center S.L. be liable for the potential defects or faults that the supplied products may have. It will be the manufacturer who under its guarantee will answer for any potential damage that the product may have.

Shipment costs to our offices will always be paid by the customer since the Law on consumer goods does not regulate purchase-sale operations between businesses.

The guarantee DOES NOT cover:

This section applies to individual customers and businesses

Cases not covered by the guarantee:

These guarantee conditions do not affect the consumer’s rights established in the current national applicable legislation.

Limitation of liability

The information given in this website by Black Center S.L. is provided for information purposes only and therefore Black Center S.L. does not accept any liability for its content (for instance the adaptation of a product for a specific purpose). Likewise, Black Center S.L. does not guarantee that the information provided in this website is reliable, complete and up to date. We recommend that you check the manufacturer’s website for each product.

Unless otherwise stated, neither Black Center S.L. nor any of its directors, employees or representatives will be liable for any possible damages caused by the use of this website. Specifically, they will not be liable for the potential damages caused to people and/or things, or for the expenses and/or profit losses that could arise from the use of products sold by Black Center S.L.

Black Center S.L. is not responsible for the content of other web pages linked to this site. The risks derived from the use of such websites are the customer’s responsibility and he will have to comply with the terms and conditions of their use. Prices, specifications and availability of the products sold by Black Center S.L. can change without notification.

Force majeure

The parties will not be liable for any problem caused by force majeure. Any contractual obligation will be delayed until the said circumstances cease.

Conflict resolution

The parties submit themselves for conflict resolution and with an express waiver of any other jurisdiction to the courts and courts of law of the user’s address.